[Serienliebe] Meine Netflix Watchlist

Samstag, 24. März 2018

Warmer Empfang,

ich hatte diesen Post ursprünglich schon einmal vor einer Weile geschrieben und musste also nur ein paar Sachen auf den neusten Stand bringen. Und da ich jetzt mein schriftliches Abitur hinter mir habe kann ich mich nicht nur dem Lesen, sondern auch dem ausgiebigen Gucken von Serien ohne schlechtes Gewissen widmen.

[Reihenrezension] Anna, Lola, Isla

Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

Warmer Empfang,

heute mal mit einer Reihenrezension, die ein bisschen als Antwort auf meinen "My endless Hate for Lovestories" Post dient, denn diese Bücher habe ich schon vor längerer Zeit gelesen und gerade der erste Band zählte immer zu meinen Lieblingen.Ich habe mögliche Spoiler kenntlich gemacht, also können alle, die es wollen (ihr habt zu wollen), diesen Post lesen.

Bildergebnis für anna lola isla

|Serienliebe| Nardole appreciation post

Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

Have you herad of Doctor Who? No?

forgive the doctor GIF by Doctor Who

For years it has been my favourite series out there and even Game of Thrones with its stunning setting and awesome story can't compete with my beloved Doctor (He is called the Doctor, not Doctor Who, this is just a funny wordplay, like

matt smith GIF

"Doctor Who?"
Yes, quite right.)

He is approximately about twothousand years old (much younger at the beginning of season 1 but all I want to talk about are the later seasons. Especially season 10).

 u g h GIF

At the moment Queen Mama and me are watching season ten, unsure about the missing quality (or more the missing feeling we had back in season 2 #tenroselove) but definetly in love with the Doctor's newest companion (not talking about Bill and her hair. My Mama is curious about it) but about Nardole who is played by Matt Lucas (also known from Little Britain). 

We had a lot of great, sassy, awesome and serious characters in the past and I am still missing Clara (thus I am watching Victoria at the moment) but Nardole is like everything I need to be happy with season 10. He is such an underrated and funny character who brings so much joy to the viewers.  
He is so amusing and I have the feeling that he is part of the very sadly small left bit of the real Doctor Who atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, Capaldi is an awesome actor and I love his embodiment of the Doctor but in fact I am missing some very small things, just details. Like the typical sound the Tardis makes or the kind of trashy characters like Jackie and I am really missing one big story line, and Daleks and Cybermen. I just want something similiar to the earlier seasons. And at the moment Nardole seems to be everything I get and I am really happy with this (but not completly satisfied). 

 bbc GIF by Doctor Who

Hopefully season 11 will give me a tiny bit of what I wish for.